How Trump Education can Make Your Business Visible

One goal of many Trump Education students is to gain traction for their real estate business in online marketing. Since many successful real estate investors purchase their properties using the name of a corporation, Trump Education suggests doing the same for your real estate investment business and begin your online marketing by submitting your name or company to free online directories.

You should list your business in the following areas:

  1. Google Local Search
  2. Yelp – use to set up your business account
  3. Yellow Pages online
  4. Yahoo Local Search
  5. Bing Local Search

When submitting your name to these directories, it’s important that you not only list your name, but an important “keyword rich” search phrase as well. Remember, most internet users will not know your business name, and if it’s your goal to attract “Seattle real estate investors,” then you need to submit this information into directory titles and descriptions.

Another main factor to help your name and website rank is by making “signals of trust” open and accessible. It should be easy to find contact information like an address, phone number and email. Also, certifications and associations like the Better Business Bureau are also important.

Once your company is listed, insist that your customers give you reviews. Add a testimonial whenever you can. User generated content is extremely important.

For more tips and trick on internet marketing, contact your local SEO expert.

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Trump Education’s Guide to Short Sales

Every week, Trump Education experts coach thousands of real estate investors about the importance of buying and selling pre-foreclosed properties. One of the main lesions home buyers and sellers need to know are that the best real estate prices occur before the bank forecloses on the property, not after. Since this is an emerging trend in today’s market, banks are trying to do everything they can not to own the property secured by their loans, which means they’re willing to accept less than what is currently owed. In real estate, we call this a “short sale.”

Short sales can a long and lengthy process if you’re unfamiliar with the procedures. At Trump Education, we have the tools and experience to help homeowners and real estate investors use the short sale process to their advantage, as both sellers and buyers. Short sales lower the amount of foreclosures because it allows a homeowner to sell the property for a loss, compared to losing the property to the bank.

On the other hand, real estate investors will reap the rewards of major discounts of around 18% off the original property appraisal. Banks are pressured to unload the property at a discounted price because they take on the costs for legal fees, sale expenses and hold times.

If you are currently searching for real estate, short sales are a great opportunity for you. If you have any further questions, there are many Trump Education experts available to help you with your real estate investment opportunities.

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Trump Education Rule Book: Review Crime Statistics

At Trump Education, you learn that it is important to do your research before you make any real estate investments. One of the main factors potential home buyers miss is taking a look at crimes stats in an area before they sign on the dotted line. There are no laws or regulations requiring sellers to disclose crime statistics; it is your responsibility to uncover the truth of an area.

Good news! Crime statistics are public information, and can be found on a local police department’s website. If you can’t find the right information there, you can obtain it free of charge by visiting the local police precinct.

Have you checked the status of registered sex offenders in your area? It’s an important aspect in real estate that many miss. Every state has a website that records and lists every registered sex offender within a particular radius from an address you provide. Also, consider searching the National Database for Sex Offenders at

This is the information that will make or break your next real estate deal. Do your research, and never overlook your area’s transition potential. Know what you are getting yourself into. And that’s today’s lesson from Trump Education.

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Trump Education Guide to Evade Shady Real Estate Agents

As a leader in real estate investment training, Trump Education knows the trick of the trade for good and bad real estate deals. The educational courses at Trump Education show how it’s easier and easier to become a real estate investor, which would be fine if we were all honest. Unfortunately, that’s not always how it works out. To make sure you evade shady real estate agents, here’s a list of black hat tactics Trump Education would like you to keep your eye out for:

  • Realtors who avoid showing properties – Realtors who make it impossible to view a house is a sign to run away. Also be on the lookout for open houses that last for only an hour, missing lockboxes and properties missing a proper broker tour. The realtor doesn’t want you to know something, which means you’re about to get duped.
  • Real Estate with Multiple Market Listings – It’s a common tactic for real estate agents to pull their property off the market periodically. By giving the impression to buyers that the property has only been for sale for a week gives a better impression than a house on the market for multiple months. Even though it’s your first instinct to think the house will sell fast, do your research and ask other real estate agents if the property was on the market in the past.
  • Real estate agents who don’t explain the contract – The real estate bubble began to burst when people bought houses without understanding the contract. Read your contract. I mean really read it. Highlight all the areas that you don’t understand, and If your agent can’t explain it to you or doesn’t give you the time of day, you should walk away.

If you know of any other ways to evade shady real estate agents, let us know.

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Invest in Real Estate with Trump Education

You’re there. You’re ready. You want to start investing in real estate… but you need just a little more know-how before you dive in head-first. Which education program is the right one for you? With so many to choose from, it’s hard to find an education that will produce the results you want to see: the big bucks.

An expert staff and all the resources that go along with the name make up Trump Education, where you will find all the tools you need to fulfill your dream of real estate success with our proven real estate investing process.

Real estate investment doesn’t float everyone’s boat. But for those who have a strong desire and a no-quit attitude, Trump Education works. You’ll find a wide range of courses and resources, such as the Trump Education Page on Facebook, podcasts, and blog posts from the Donald himself.

The tools are right here and waiting for you. Now is the time to make it happen.

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